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Under the management of the top-class chef Jan Pípal and the general manager Robert Vaverka we emphasize the high quality of the dishes served and perfect temperature and quality of our Pilsner beer. Starting from September 2019, we are proud to serve you our masterpiece discipline of Czech gastronomy – dumplings and dishes with dumplings. They are prepared from scratch here and you can watch the whole production process during your lunch, dinner or afternoon meeting with your friends in our open, modern and absolutely unique dumpling kitchen. From our dumpling kitchen, we serve you dumplings stuffed with traditional and sometimes surprising (but always Czech!) fillings, dumplings made in a mug, choux pastry, potato dumplings, curd dumplings, bread dumplings, Karlovy Vary dumplings and sweet dumplings. And that is not the end of our passion for leavened dough, we also offer smaller dumpling portions for tasting and “eat as much as you like” offer! Every day, as part of our lunch menu, you can choose from eight freshly prepared offers of the day, together with a soup and a desert, and of course our special offer of dumplings. Apart from the permanent menu and Czech seasonal specialities, we are proud to offer our home-made lemonades made from fresh fruit with natural colourings made according to our original recipes and the Parlament brand spirits. Children have their own play area in our restaurant and for their parents we have prepared a special application for monitoring them. The play area is open from Monday to Friday from 10:45 to 21:00 and on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 17:00. Your children will get professional supervision free of charge.